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here on the web I do not show the videos and do not publish the texts of this work either thus this preview is quite one-sided. However, the work will remain flexible and smaller versions will still be available if there is no room or need for the bigger ones. The starting point was a philosophical/political article about prostitution that I wrote for my next book of essays. A lounge for thinking and talking about sex and work. Office Worker and Strip-Tease Artist (A photo of a worker and of an erotic worker, 2006). Thaimaalainen (A piece of music, composed by Max Savikangas, lyrics by Juha-Pekka Hotinen.

Sex work turku villi iira - Villi

Assistant photographers: Kenneth Bamberg, Kimmo Koskela, Paula Lehto. Desperate Disco (A drawing of sex work in Africa,.5.2005). I wanted to juxtapose this text with the experiences and opinions of prostitutes themselves. Kuka / Who (A sculpture/collage, 2008.). Mitä huoruus on? List OF contents:. About 62 pages of text is included, yet I believe that the visual and other visceral elements are at least as important as the texts in this piece.


Cute little Ira Verber in a Casting with Gideon.

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Since then I've modified and continued the work and changed its title. In the installation I present my theoretical view the essay as pure text, but allow the prostitute's view to take various forms: the interview-video, photos of a prostitute at work and the detached run-down of the video dialogue on paper. Sex as Work (Three photos of a Finnish sex worker at work, 2007). The first version of the work was exhibited in the Kehaturg / Sex Market exhibition in Tallinn Art Hall, 2007. Editing: Heikki Kotsalo Teemu. Olli and Hanna of Pizzeria Mare Chiaro (A photo of small-scale enterprisers / workers, 2008). To the interviews of Finnish prostitutes I will interviews of Estonian, Russian and German sex-workers. Elina Bäckman, Minna Havukainen and Mirka Muukkonen helped me to put up that show. I will also add more photos of prostitutes, not just "at work" but also at home, as subjects of portrait photography or painting. Not shown in gallery Peri 2008.).

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